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Practice = Protection of Trade Secrets and Proprietary Information
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Appellate, Complex Business Litigation, Contract Disputes, Employment Law, Energy Law, Natural Gas, Intellectual Property, Protection of Trade Secrets and Proprietary Information
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Appellate, Antitrust, Broker-Dealer Litigation and Arbitration, Class Actions, Business Torts and RICO, Corporate Governance, Government Investigations and Litigation, Insurance-Related Litigation, Product Liability & Toxic Tort Litigation, Securities Litigation, Contract Disputes, Internal Investigations, Shareholder Derivative Actions / Officer and Director Defense, Employment Discrimination Litigation, Protection of Trade Secrets and Proprietary Information, Information Technology, Technology, Data Privacy & Cybersecurity
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Class Actions, Complex Business Litigation, Civil Rights and Constitutional Law, Employment Discrimination Litigation, Energy Law, BP Oil Spill Claims Support, Auditors and Accountants, Professional Liability and Disciplinary Proceedings, Administrative Law, Health Care Litigation, Appellate
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Information Technology, Intellectual Property, Internal Investigations, Complex Business Litigation, Employment Law, Restrictive Covenants, Trade Secrets and Proprietary Information, Technology, Data Privacy & Cybersecurity, ERISA / Employee Benefits Litigation

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