What is the bonus structure for Associate Attorneys?

A bonus is typically paid on a discretionary basis to associates for outstanding performance and service to our clients and to the Firm. An associate may receive a bonus without regard to any specific billable hour criteria, but based instead on individual assessments and circumstances.

What is the approximate partnership track for Associate Attorneys?

Full-equity partnership track for Associates is generally set for each incoming associate upon joining the firm. This timeframe may be longer or shorter depending on the progression and experience level of each individual associate. Rogers & Hardin acknowledges the value that a previous clerkship position brings and, in appropriate cases, this is taken into consideration on the length of time for initial partnership-track consideration.

Is involvement in the legal industry and bar-related activities important and encouraged?

Associates are strongly encouraged to participate in bar-related activities or other legal industry related organizations. This participation will only help to enhance your professional legal career and open the doors for personal as well as professional development.

Does Rogers & Hardin have an Associate mentoring program?

Associates are assigned a formal mentor.

Are there opportunities for me to be involved in firm initiatives?

Yes, we want our Associates to be contributing members of firm initiatives from serving on the Associate Career Committee to helping plan all Attorney retreats or becoming a member of the annual planning committee for the United Way campaign. There are many opportunities including ones that have yet to be created.

Recruiting Contacts

Shelly P. Walters
Executive Director
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