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Evaluations / Feedback

During the Rogers & Hardin Summer Associate Program, constant and meaningful feedback is provided and formal evaluations are conducted at the end of the summer. These feedback sessions may be informal over lunch or more formal and held in a conference room or lawyer’s office. While the formal evaluations are important, there is no substitute for the assigning lawyer simply saying a few words or personally going over revisions to a written work product shortly after the project is completed. In addition, each Summer Associate is asked to turn in a copy of any written work product to the Summer Program Coordinator to be used at the end of summer evaluation meeting.

Rogers & Hardin Summer Associates are encouraged to seek out feedback directly from those they have worked with during the summer. By requesting feedback, they will be adding to their personal experience and will have the chance to improve continuously throughout the summer.

Recruiting Contacts

Shelly P. Walters
Executive Director
Direct  404.420.4643
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