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Rogers & Hardin’s Caseworker Program is designed to offer recent college graduates an opportunity to work in a legal environment, directly assisting attorneys and paralegals with case management. Applicants must have the long-range goal of attending law school and an outstanding collegiate record in order to be considered for a position in our caseworker program.

"The Caseworker position at Rogers & Hardin has been the most informative year of my professional life. The legal work and case involvement was excellent preparation for my legal career.  More importantly, it gave me the opportunity for mentorship by Atlanta’s leading attorneys. Not only am I starting my first year of law school well-versed in legal information, processes, technologies, research, analysis, and writing, but I also have a professional network of attorneys and mentors."

Maddison Stemple-Piatt, Former Rogers & Hardin Caseworker

We do not look for any specific degree in the hiring process, but rather a well-rounded, balanced educational background with applicants showing meaningful internships in areas that will inform and develop them intellectually and personally.

The program is designed for those who can commit to work for a minimum of one year before leaving Rogers & Hardin to attend law school (the length of commitment may vary slightly depending on the time of year). We ask for that commitment at the interview, but caseworkers are considered for longer periods of time on a case-by-case basis.

At Rogers & Hardin caseworkers are allowed to participate in hands-on legal work and are exposed to a variety of complex and interesting cases. For those interested in practicing law it is a tremendous place to begin a career because it provides a network of professional contacts and fosters lifelong friendships within one of the most prestigious law firms in the region."

Nick Flint, Former Rogers & Hardin Caseworker

Recruiting Contact

Shelly P. Walters
Executive Director
Direct  404.420.4643
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