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Administrative Law

National Reach and Local Expertise

  • We represent regulated entities in a wide range of matters before federal and state administrative agencies throughout the country.
  • In addition to representing clients in both adjudicative proceedings and less formal matters before state and federal administrative agencies, our trial and appellate lawyers represent clients in reviews of agency action in state and federal courts.
  • We represent clients from a wide range of business sectors in labor and employment matters before the EEOC, state human rights agencies, state departments of labor and the United States Department of Labor.
  • Our attorneys represent energy and telecommunications companies in administrative actions before the Georgia Public Service Commission.
  • Rogers & Hardin Partner Rob Remar served as a Hearing Officer for the Georgia Public Service Commission for more than ten years, deciding contested matters involving the telecommunications, energy and transportation industries. Rob also has experience working with the Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs, having served as the Hearing Officer for that agency in contested proceedings under the Georgia Fair Business Practices Act.
  • We frequently represent professionals, including psychologists, other mental health professionals and attorneys, before state licensing boards, the bar and in contested matters before the Georgia Office of State Administrative Hearings.
  • Our clients benefit from our collective knowledge and experience, together with our direct approach, emphasizing a commitment to efficiently helping our clients navigate complex regulatory environments.

Substantive Knowledge and Agency Experience

Regulated entities face complex problems that unfold rapidly in multiple forums. Rogers & Hardin attorneys bring to the table not only substantive knowledge of key industries and areas of law, but also experience in dealing with federal and state agencies. That experience helps clients defuse misunderstandings before they become major problems. Rogers & Hardin attorneys are prepared to mobilize rapidly and to take direct action to efficiently address issues facing regulated entities in a manner that minimizes disruptions to our clients’ businesses.

Our Unique and Efficient Staffing Model

At Rogers & Hardin, we offer value through lean staffing. By rapidly addressing issues facing regulated entities, our attorneys help clients resolve issues before they become costly problems. Eschewing inefficient leverage, we ordinarily accomplish these goals with partner-led teams of one or two attorneys.

Counseling Regulated Companies

In addition to assisting our clients by resolving existing problems, we also help clients avoid future problems by helping them develop cost-effective processes and strategies for regulatory compliance.

We keep abreast of changes to laws and regulations affecting our clients’ businesses, and we offer advice to clients on how to avoid regulatory problems prospectively. In addition, we continuously adjust our approach to meeting clients’ administrative law needs based on our most recent experiences with the relevant agencies.

Representing Professionals

Our lawyers routinely represent professionals before licensing boards. For example, we frequently represent mental health professionals, including psychologists, before state licensing boards. In addition, we represent attorneys in disciplinary proceedings before the Georgia State Bar.

Experience in Internal Investigations

The prospect of agency investigations often warrants the prompt conduct of internal investigations. Our lawyers are experienced in conducting such internal investigations and are able to complete them speedily and with minimal disruption to our clients’ businesses.

Quick Contact

Robert B. Remar
Direct  404.420.4631

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