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Employment Discrimination Litigation

National Capabilities and Recognition

  • We represent employers in both single-plaintiff and class-action employment discrimination litigation.
  • Our lawyers have extensive experience representing employers in claims involving allegations of racial, religious, sexual, national origin, age, disability, and other types of discrimination, including wrongful termination and retaliation.
  • Our clients are in a full range of industries and sizes, from multi-national corporations to privately-owned businesses.
  • We represent clients in court and administrative venues throughout the U.S.

Ideally Suited to Present the Best Defense

Employment discrimination cases present a number of challenges for employers. Emotions often run high and there may be public relations concerns as well as potential legal liability. Having the right counsel is essential to success. Our lawyers have extensive experience representing employers in all types of discrimination litigation. Our lean approach to staffing means the lead partner works directly with the client to prepare a defense strategy uniquely suited to the client’s needs. Our “no-frills” staffing model ensures everyone working on the case is directly involved, fully engaged, and united in the common goal of providing outstanding legal service.

A Ground-Breaking Class Action Defense

  • Client: A $35 billion company
  • Issue: Defense against a class claim of purported age discrimination following a substantial reduction in force (RIF)
  • Challenges: The case was large and the stakes were high – the lawsuit was initially brought by class counsel on behalf of more than 3,000 former employees, and they sought more than $200 million in damages.
  • Outcome: We brought a series of motions that produced favorable court rulings to dismiss the claims of approximately 80% of putative class members. Our trial strategy to handle the remaining claims led directly and quickly to a highly favorable settlement of the case.
  • Our approach and staffing: Our skill at motion strategies to defeat class certification was the foundation for a groundbreaking new defense strategy that we developed while working with our consulting experts to handle the remaining claims. With the great majority of class claims already dismissed, plaintiffs’ counsel faced dismissal of the rest of their case and the client was extremely pleased with the result. This important defense was staffed with two partners and one associate.

Providing Effective, Cost-Efficient Representation at All Levels

Whether defending a multi-state class action or a single-plaintiff lawsuit, our attorneys are committed to providing the best defense in the most efficient manner. We combine our substantial legal experience with our special resources and skill at e-discovery/data management to cut the big cases down to size and to manage smaller cases with greater efficiency. The factual and legal issues may be unique to each case but our goal never changes: to achieve a direct resolution that quickly and economically resolves claims and protects the interests of our clients.

Experience With EEOC and Other Governmental Inquiries

Being the target of an EEOC inquiry or similar government investigation can be stressful, distracting to your workforce, and can present public relations challenges. Our attorneys have substantial experience dealing with government agencies and can help you navigate the many issues involved to bring the matter to close.

Experience in Mediation and Arbitration

Our lawyers have significant experience in alternative means of dispute resolution like arbitration and mediation that can save clients time and money.

A Successful and Cost-efficient Defense in a Single-Plaintiff Case

  • Client: An educational company.
  • Issue: Defense against a former employee’s claim of purported race and sex discrimination following his termination.
  • Outcome: Summary judgment was granted in our client’s favor on all claims. The plaintiff appealed and the Eleventh Circuit affirmed on all counts.
  • Our approach and staffing: This successful defense was staffed with one partner and one associate. After we conferred with the in-house lawyer about the best way to staff the case, the associate took the plaintiff’s deposition, defended the majority of the depositions, and took the lead on both summary judgment and appellate briefing. The case came in under budget at each stage of the proceedings.

Quick Contacts

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