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Representation of Auditors and Investment Bankers

National Experience and Recognition

  • We have a deep background in representing and working with auditors, accountants and investment banks.
  • We have defended auditors, accountants and investment banks in federal and state courts around the country.
  • Our knowledge of relevant auditing and accounting standards, and the roles played by auditors and investment banks, makes us well-suited to efficiently handle claims asserted against them.

As part of our deep experience handling securities litigation matters, we have defended individual auditors and accountants accused of malpractice in addition to representing national accounting firms in negligence actions at all levels in state and federal courts nationwide. Similarly, we have defended investment banks in litigation alleging professional negligence in connection with their interactions with publicly-traded companies.

A Direct Focus on Complex Issues

Professional liability cases against auditors, accountants and investment banks can be complex – and are becoming more common. The attorneys at Rogers & Hardin have the depth of experience to handle both the difficult accounting concepts involved as well as the complex legal issues that frequently arise in these types of cases. Allegations can span multiple fiscal years, with financial statements that were audited by engagement teams comprised of dozens (if not hundreds) of different accountants. We coordinate with the best experts possible – our clients – directly and as early possible in order to focus on the key accounting principles at issue and to develop the best strategies for defending against these malpractice allegations when they arise.

Discovery Expertise

Documents are frequently a pivotal issue in litigation relating to financial issues. The expansive scope of many malpractice cases against auditors, accountants and investment banks can generate hundreds of thousands of pages of discovery and the need to retrieve, review, and produce electronically stored information. Rogers & Hardin attorneys work with our in-house technical experts and outside vendors when needed in order to streamline discovery in a cost-effective manner without cutting corners.

Case Study: Defending a National Accounting Firm

  • Client: A national accounting firm
  • Case: A claim of malpractice brought by a large energy utility and a number of its subsidiaries
  • Strategy: Rogers & Hardin took control of a vast number of documents created by the engagement teams, marshaled the evidence, and filed motions designed to force the plaintiffs to abandon various claims
  • Result: A very favorable settlement for our client, reached while discovery motions were pending

Quick Contact

Dan F. Laney
Direct  404.420.4624

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