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The Rogers & Hardin website search function employs a variety of techniques to help you make the most of your queries. In this tips section we use square brackets [ ] to signal queries, so [business and litigation] is one query, while [business] and [litigation] are two.

  • Advanced search: This comprehensive option allows you to search within specific sections of our website. For example, if you are searching for only attorneys who mention litigation on their bio, type the word [litigation] in the keyword field and select the "Attorneys" checkbox. This will give you more targeted results by searching only within the Attorneys section.
  • Exact phrases: Narrow your search results by surrounding the search phrase with quotation marks. Placing ["securities litigation"] in quotes will return results with that specific phrase, and discard ones that simply have the words "securities" and "litigation" somewhere on the page.
  • Wildcard symbol: If you're not sure how the information you want is phrased, use the wildcard symbol (*) as a word root expander. A search for [Real*] will find not only "Real," but also results with words like "Real Estate," "Realize," and "Realtor."

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